Honouring your
wedding day

Honouring your
wedding day


Choosing A Photographer for Your Dream Day: The Beauty of Photojournalism

From the graceful flow of the bride’s dress to the gleaming smiles on friends and family members’ faces as you party the night away, your wedding day will be full of remarkable memories you’ll treasure forever. 

As a photojournalist with decades of experience, encapsulating the raw emotion and authenticity of life’s most intimate minutes is paramount – such as fleeting glances exchanged between newlyweds or expressions of joy shared throughout your big day.

I use my knowledge and expertise in wedding photography to shoot the most meaningful moments of your wedding date in all locations.

Trust a passionate documenter to chronicle the vision of your dream destination wedding.

My eye for detail, creative edge, and passion for photojournalism will encapsulate the powerful emotion of your love in simple and mesmerising pieces.

I’m devoted to getting familiar with your venue, having a good chat with your dearest ones, and coordinating with your wedding planner. You can feel relaxed and have fun as I replicate the pure emotion of the day you get married abroad.

Relive the essence of your wedding day through stunning photography.

By using wide-angle shots that merge dynamic elements with breathtaking locations, I’m able to create memorable images that evoke emotion whenever they are viewed – whether in a physical album or a photograph on your mantlepiece!






The experience

Why did I become a destination wedding photographer?

Here’s my deal – I LOVE travelling. Witnessing the ancient cities, storied histories, and awe-inspiring architecture of Europe never gets old for me.

Exploring new places is my passion, and I feel so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to see my passions for travel and wedding photography married through my work! (See what I did there? 😉)

I vow to shoot your destination wedding photographs with the same enthusiasm and unique style as any other, whether on an island or in the middle of a bustling city.

Why do you need a destination wedding photographer?

I have captured all kinds of nuptials, from a relaxed Italy wedding on the Amalfi Coast to more opulent ceremonies in Cannes, France – you name it, I’m comfortable in any venue! (Plus, I’m multi-lingual! Language barrier, who?)
By choosing me as your wedding photographer, you can allow yourselves to relax, get super excited, and find comfort in the fact that your destination wedding photographer is just as enthusiastic as you are for the big day!

European wedding

Where will your destination wedding take you? Let the journey begin!

If you’re still searching for potential unforgettable locations to host your destination wedding, look no further!
I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph some stunning weddings in spectacular locales that may provide the ideal location for your special day.

More than a one-day-er!

Hosting a destination wedding does not have to be limited to one day of festivities. Make sure your guests can enjoy the occasion even more by throwing an unforgettable welcome drinks BBQ or after party!

Why not capture your love story with a stunning pre-wedding or day after shoot in an incredible location? Immortalize your memories with beautiful, awe-inspiring wedding photos that you can cherish for years to come.

When planning a destination wedding, you are not limited to the bounds of the UK weather, venues or climate! If it’s your wish, go for it – anything is possible.

I’ll document the whole day!

I’ll be with you all day, carefully recording each moment as it passes and will stay up late – I absolutely won’t miss the evening festivities!

(Oftentimes I don’t leave until past midnight – I’ve been to enough weddings to know that European drink measures lead to hilarious dance moves – and you’ll want those on camera!)

candid imagery





Photojournalism + Destination wedding photography = A match made in heaven

Photojournalism offers something extraordinary that is rare in most destination wedding photographers repertoires

This genre of photography allows couples to capture the raw and natural emotions of themselves and their guests in a way that delivers outstanding photography for the bride and groom to cherish for years to come.

It also works beautifully in connecting the event’s images seamlessly to joyful occasions such as your pre-wedding shoot or post-ceremony champagne toasts with friends and family.

In all cases, with photojournalism, your wedding photos will capture the glamour and excitement of any picturesque event in a magical way that will be remembered for years.

Do we really need a photojournalist wedding photographer?

 Wondering why people pick a photojournalist wedding photographer? Well, typically it’s because of our unique and captivating aesthetic!

While many event spaces provide their own in-house local photographer, they might not have the photography style you’re after and often include sneaky hidden costs.
Your wedding day will remain among the most cherished and memorable moments of your life; a day that promises you eternal bliss.

SO, PLEASE, when searching for a photographer to capture your special moments, take all the time you need. Your photos should be memorable and evoke warm feelings of your wedding abroad every time they are seen!


Photojournalism wedding photography packages are the best you will get!

I wholeheartedly believe that photography is the most essential element of your wedding day. When everyone has returned home, and it’s just you two again, nothing will be left but memories–which may eventually fade with time. It’s wise to invest in quality wedding photography so that the magical journey you both once made can be relived forever.

As a photojournalism wedding photographer, I’ve enabled couples to capture the raw and natural emotions of their day in a style that truly represents them.

If you’re looking for a unique way to shoot your wedding day and make those memories of getting married last a lifetime, wedding photojournalism may be just what you need.

So, if you’re looking for someone who can combine traditional elements with modern flair and can give your destination wedding an extra touch of immortal beauty, I am the wedding photographer for you!

Dissatisfied with the limited selection of local photographers?

Partnering with me and my camera as an accomplished destination wedding photographer will ensure you can re-experience the beauty, enthusiasm, and sentiment – wherever in the world your wedding may be.

Ready to book your special day?!

Don’t let the best day of your life become a distant memory!

I would love to chat, and discuss what I can do for you as your wedding photographer – contact me today and let’s make your destination wedding plans come alive!