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      The photo has always been a passion. It looks like a lot of history: from the age of 7, armed with my first Kodak Instanmatic, I immortalized my family in photo! But I needed more than that. Once the ferry is in my pocket, I went to Toulouse where I studied photography, its technical constraints, its immense possibilities, its artistic styles and then I took my Louis Lumière degree for Paris. There I collaborate with several photo agencies, press and fashion magazines, sports, travels, perfecting my style and developing a clean sensitivity. Today I offer you my experience as a photojournalist, my technical mastery and my good humour.

      What makes me different? My willingness to offer you beautiful photos certainly but above all emotions, remind you of those looks, those unusual moments that made all the flavour of your wedding. I’ll find the unique framing, the light that brings you out. I know how prepared you are for this day. Enjoy every moment, confident in the fact that I will grasp every moment.

      My photojournalistic approach ignores traditional poses, embarrassed attitudes and artificial photographs. I wish for truth, dynamism, laughter, and tears of happiness. Inspired by your personality and your choices for this day, I then let my sensibility to make you and each of your guests recognize themselves in my photos.

      So, let’s meet!

      The Photobooth YOU need !

      Surprise your guest with an incredible Photobooth

      THE « MUST HAVE » for your wedding, the MIROIR MAGIC Photo box

      It’s beautiful, it’s tall, it’s modern. It is a giant tactile mirror connected to a photo printer and a digital tablet. You will be impressed by the quality of his photos, they are customizable to desire. You will have it in digital and on paper. It is simple and very fast. At your disposal disguises, colourful accessories.


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