Camille and Morgan’s luxury Mediterranean Sea-View wedding at Hôtel Cap-Estel

Nestled between greenery and sea in Côte d'Azur, Camille and Morgan celebrated their union among their closest family and friends. The pair enjoyed an intimate ceremony and late-night party with blue skies and ocean views as their wedding backdrop. As their photojournalist, I remained behind the scenes, capturing the day as it unfolded, only pausing to ensure I had the perfect couple shot.

couple embrace on their wedding day at the top of the aisle while the bride holds a bouquet of purple flowers.

Camille and Morgan

As a European wedding photojournalist, I believe the best photographs come when your clients truly trust you. When your relationship is strong enough for you to blend into the background of their most precious moments without a second thought. That’s what I’m lucky to have with Camille. We’ve worked together on photography projects in the past, and her trust in my vision and process allowed me to capture the of-the-moment photographs that tell the true story of her and Morgan’s ocean-view wedding day.

Alttext- A newlywed couple hold each other on a white balcony overlooking the French Riviera from a cliff-side luxury hotel

A wedding with an ocean-view

Privacy was paramount for the pair, and so, their picturesque ocean-side venue located on a  private peninsula on the shores of the Mediterranean sea was perfect.  The Cape Estel rests between Nice and Monte Carlo and is known for its luxury status, ocean-view weddings, and remote location. With a five-star restaurant, breathtaking landscapes, and natural tranquillity, it was the perfect blend of modern and traditional.

The wedding photojournalism

As a European wedding photojournalist, location is always a well-considered part of my storytelling. I enjoy locations with character and emotionality. And most importantly, I want the couple to feel connected to their wedding location and venue– I believe this shines through my photographs.

Le Cap Estel’s scenic, ocean views and modern amenities were ideal for the couple who valued luxury while wanting to create a relaxed, natural atmosphere. A sentiment that’s reflected in Camille as she looks across the ocean alongside the couple’s energetic dance floor performances later in the evening.


Atl-text: A bride wearing a white open-backed wedding dress takes in the ocean view as she stands on a balcony at her French Riviera wedding.

I was at the wedding from 10 am, capturing Camille and her bridesmaids getting ready and reminiscing until 2 am, documenting the light and laughter radiating from the outdoor dance floor.

The couple’s custom photo gallery is expansive. Attending the entirety of their day meant I was able to document everything for them. Alone, their photographs portray precious moments in time, true to life and overflowing with emotion. And together, they tell the whole story of a magical wedding with stunning ocean views— equal parts elegant and exciting.

I am warmed by the knowledge that the couple will be able to look back at their wedding photographs and relive the whole day with no detail or moment overlooked.

Alt-text: bride and groom laugh as they give their wedding speeches. The bride holds a microphone standing at a white podium while the groom smirks next to her.

The experience

Camille and Morgan enjoyed a late ceremony that flowed into a vibrant reception. Cap Estel’s vast amenities meant the whole of the wedding took place outdoors on their terrace and green spaces. The florals and decor were bright and light, fusing perfectly with the wedding’s ocean view.

The bride and her bridesmaids got ready in one of Cap Estel’s beautiful rooms before stepping outside for the ceremony. Under an archway of lilies and a canopy of palm trees, loved ones watched Camilie and Morgan laugh and cry their way through their promises to each other.

As the couple stepped aside for me to capture a selection of photographs of just the two of them, guests chatted and danced amongst themselves. And when they returned, the part began. From the first dance to the bouquet throw and cake cutting, Camile and Morgan’s wedding day can only be described as a specular party with love and laughter at every turn!

The Lawrence Banahan photojournalist wedding experience

If you’re searching for a European wedding photojournalist to capture and convey every element of your wedding day, I might be the person you’re looking for!

The Lawrence Banahan photojournalist experience focuses on capturing true-to-life photographs that accurately portray the emotions and essence of your wedding day. No detail is overlooked and every couple is made to feel as confident and comfortable as possible. My focus on candid photography means you’ll hardly notice I’m there!

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