votre mariage
votre mariage

Provence Wedding Photographer

After a few years of exile in Paris, it is on the purple shores of the Mediterranean of my childhood that I chose to settle down after having worked as a photojournalist under the most tormented skies of the capital.
Being a wedding photographer in Provence in this dream setting that I missed so much was an obvious choice for me and was the most beautiful job I could imagine.
To make happiness a profession was a life project that could have been considered fanciful or unrealistic, but I believed in it and I made it a reality.
The light, the colours, the sun, here everything contributes to create the most magnificent settings to immortalise the most beautiful day of your life. Photographer in Nice one day, wedding photographer in Cannes the next; I go where your happiness leads me, each place has its own atmosphere and it’s up to me to recreate all its tones. 


Expert Wedding Photographer: Over Two Decades of Excellence

I acquired my experience as a wedding photographer working for almost 20 years for Parisian photo agencies and magazine publishers. This collaboration has been fruitful and allows me today to advise with accuracy those who trust me to immortalize their happiness.
To do this, after making contact, we agree on the terms of a first meeting during which we define together the different stages of the work that I will have to accomplish. This first meeting is also the opportunity for the wedding photographer that I am to get to know you better and to propose the most suitable formula.
When we leave, I already have an idea of what your wedding day will be like; the outlines of the scenario in which you will be the stars are gradually taking shape in my head. When the day comes, I will be the stealthy shadow that will discreetly accompany you throughout this very special day of your life where time, as if suspended, belongs only to you.

I offer my clients a luxurious service combining elegance and refinement. My lens likes to linger on the green of a look, the fold of a dress with the ideal cut, the detail of a lace, a mother-of-pearl button, the delicacy of a bridal bouquet where powdered roses and ruffled petals of peonies unite, a moment of emotion, a glance exchanged, the complicity of a couple drowned in the happiness of a brand new love Capture the shimmering pastel fabrics of the bridesmaids’ dresses as they bustle around the bride for the final preparations. The recalcitrant clasp of a corsage triggers the laughter of the bridesmaids. The photos reveal all these precious little moments behind the scenes of the wedding, the tension of the bride, princess for a day, stretching her pretty face a little. The lens of my SLR checks that the two platinum rings that the newlyweds will wear are there, nestled in the silky fabric of a beautiful leather case. The professional wedding photographer knows how to be discreet and capture those fleeting and precious moments that will nourish the memory of family and friends. He becomes a thief of images of consenting victims who have taken care to leave the keys on the door of their intimacy for a day. So many moods to be captured in images, knowing how to capture the important details and render them to make your story. The enthusiastic testimonies of my clients are as many thanks that highlight the quality of my service as a wedding photographer walking between the approach of the sensitive artist and that of the craftsman in love with work well done. Whatever your style, classic, modern or offbeat, I will accompany you and advise you in your photographic project, whether it is in colour or black and white. I follow you, I go where your happiness leads me!

I often work in Cannes or Nice, two coastal cities that I particularly enjoy. Being a wedding photographer in Cannes is a gift in itself, as the setting naturally lends itself to the most perfect of scenarios, with a backdrop of such dazzling luxury that you would think it was imagined by a prestigious film set designer. One expects to see the stars of today or yesterday appear, strolling their glamorous silhouettes immortalised by some giant of the 7ᵉ art who one day climbs the most famous steps of the Croisette. Let me write for you the most magnificent scenario in which you will be, under the gaze of a discreet and benevolent photographer in Cannes, the desirable stars of a unique day in the film of your life. Nice is one of those places where, when I have time, I like to stroll around, looking for an interesting point of view for my next shots. I remember the first steps of this young wedding photographer from Nice who, from the window of his room overlooking the sea, captured the orange sunsets that set the horizon on fire. That young man was me, who never ceased to marvel at the flamboyant radiance of this beloved south. I was working in Paris, far from home, as a photographer in Nice, and rediscovering my beloved Mediterranean was the most beautiful diversion.


Des photographies qui captures
tous les instant.
“ Lawrence a su capturer chaque émotion et chaque sourire,
j'adore son travail ! ”
Séverine & Benjamin

Photographe storytelling


J'adorerais prendre un café avec vous et discuter de votre mariage à venir sur
la Côte d'Azur.

"Lawrence a su capturer chaque émotion et chaque sourire, j'adore son travail !"

Lola & Victor