What I like

      I love the soft light of late afternoon that make great pictures
      I like the framing offset that energize photos
      I love kids who make something silly during the ceremony
      I like unusual places and graphics
      I love the emotion of the parents when they bring their children to church
      I like the aesthetic pictures of preparations that looks like fashion magazines
      I like when the pressure rises and I get to make people laugh married
      I love when my wife cry at weddings (each time)
      I like to make beautiful portraits of witnesses and relatives
      I love the tender gestures married when they think I do not take photos
      I love the serenity of ceremonies before the storm Day
      I love making sessions in love before marriage: they are pictures that you like and the wedding day photos will be more natural because you have learned to trust me
      I love when I save a marriage by finding the groom lost in a foreign land
      I like when the DJ colours the room of its lights
      I love strawberries and drinking champagne with married in their honor
      I love doing wedding photos! It’s a special day, every single time, intimate and I thank those who have prompted me trusting me.


      What I like 3