Wedding photographer provence

      Is a magical wedding your innermost dream? Provence will make it come true. Endless lavender fields stretching over the horizon, magnificent chateaus, and cozy old cottages scattered here and there will help imbue your gala day with irresistible charm. A stunning bride and a gorgeous room against the backdrop of this divine beauty is like a fairy tale coming to life. You can’t overlook professional wedding photography if you want this magnificent moment to last a lifetime. Whenever you leaf through your family photo album you’ll cast your mind back and evoke the fond memories. They will remain vibrant and colorful even decades after. Let yourself illustrate the first chapter of your family history with gorgeous wedding pictures. I am a Provence wedding photographer, and I can’t wait to capture your love.

      Provence Style Wedding

      Once in Provence, you will never be the same. If beauty had a place of residence, it would be here. Forget the hustle and bustle of big city life. In Provence, time runs differently. It is a realm of calm, tranquility, and harmony. No one can resist these wonders of nature intertwined with the rural spirit and French charm. Here, love is in the air mixed with the intoxicating scent of lavender. This heaven on earth is created for couples in love. You can start the chronicle of your happy family life with an exquisite and lovely Provence wedding.

      The highlight of Provence is, of course, lavender fields. The endless purple seas filling the air with dizzying aromas as if had descended from surrealist paintings. The ethereal landscapes and the atmosphere of hospitality are just what the doctor ordered for a fantastic wedding ceremony. Purple is said to be a royal color. Well, with huge purple fields as your unique prop, your wedding will definitely boast a regal touch.

      Provence is the place where everyone can throw a wedding as their heart desires. Cozy country cottages will lend a home-like ambiance for heartwarming ceremonies in the family circle. Old wooden or wicker furniture, flowing curtains, floral tablecloths, and lace napkins will take you right to the 19th century.

      What about a wedding ceremony in a castle boasting romantic history? The aristocratic charm and vintage decor will make your heart beat a little bit faster. Many chateaus even have their own wineries to help put exclusive wines onto your table.

      In spite of being steeped in history, this magnificent region has room for modern architecture as well. A luxury villa on the seashore lends itself well for a dynamic and glamorous ceremony. And if your couple desires original and even extreme experiences, you can spend your day in the Verdon Gorge or one of Provence national parks. Whatever location you have your eye on, you’ll leave with incredible impressions and a ton of stunning photos.

      Your Professional Provence Wedding Photographer

      Let yourself live the happy moment to the fullest while I create photo memories for old time’s sake. For you, this day should be free of stress and hassle. Therefore, forget about contrived poses and cookie-cutter angles. Thanks to dozens of years of experience under my belt and hundreds of happy newlyweds I teamed up with, I know how to record your wedding in an extraordinary way while showcasing the individuality of your couple.

      Life is beautiful as it is, so there is no need to add anything hackneyed or artificial to it. This is my philosophy as a professional Provence wedding photographer. What I want is to help you relax and smile instead of tormenting you with awkward poses. Sincere, real, and authentic, my camera focuses only on these moments.

      Photography is more than just my hobby. It was my childhood dream that I brought to life. The Louis Lumière degree and work with so many talented people helped me hone my skill to perfection. To me, creativity and thinking out of the box is the secret behind fascinating wedding photography. And your chemistry and affection are ingredients to add more flavor to it. They help depict the story of your love in the brightest colors.

      While you’re having the time of your life surrounded by your loved ones, family, and friends, I’ll be accompanying you every step of the way to capture those moments of joy. If you need a Provence wedding photographer able to creatively document your day-to-remember, you found one. It’s me, Lawrence Banahan. Just tell me your idea of a perfect wedding and I’ll help to make it come true.

      Don’t Let Your Memories Fade

      Photos capturing the mood of your celebration will leave a pleasant aftertaste. Like the last piece of the puzzle, they make your wedding complete. The best wedding photos are those that will take you on a trip down memory lane over and over again. You will be proud to show them to your friends and family. They will become cherished keepsakes for your kids and grandchildren because seeing you so happy is priceless.

      A wedding in Provence is more than pictures against stunning landscapes. It is also intimate moments that you’ll want to perpetuate in your memory. These are radiant looks, sincere smiles, kisses, and holding hands. They reveal the gravity between the two loving hearts that have found each other in this vast world.

      Let my photographs become the storytellers of your love. Your story is unique and captivating, and I can’t wait to see it with my own eye. If my aesthetics and vision match yours, feel free to reach out to me. Let’s celebrate your love and immortalize it through timeless keepsakes.