Wedding Photographer French Riviera

      Every couple wants to have everlasting memories of their special day. The moment when she said ‘yes’, how he removed the veil from her face to kiss her, their first dance … Weddings are pure joy for the two in love but they might be a bit overwhelming for the memory. So many things to experience, so many people to meet, so many places to visit … In the bustle of the day, some precious reminiscences might simply be gone. That’s why weddings can’t do without a photographer. Beautiful pictures made throughout the D-day are the remedy to refresh your memory and relive the moments of happiness. I am Lawrence Banahan, a French Riviera wedding photographer, and my services are to your disposal.


      Wedding Photographer in French Riviera

      The French Riviera is a perfect place to have a magnificent wedding. The azure sea, the bright sun, beautiful silhouettes of mountains towering in the background, lovely vineyards … Riviera has everything to add a dash of magic to every special occasion. Whatever venue you choose, beauty will surround you at every turn.

      Dreaming of an intimate wedding in a soulful atmosphere? Why not have it right on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea? Invigorating wind on your face, warm waves licking your feet, and boundless blue waters to feast your eyes on … what more could you desire for an authentic wedding?

      Want to go big and plunge into chic and luxury? Then one of the numerous chateaus with stunning panoramic views of the sunlit coast will fit the bill. If you have always dreamed of a wedding like in a fairy tale, the French Riviera will fulfill your most cherished desires.

      Prefer an elegant and romantic wedding? One of the many gardens or vineyards will hospitably open their doors for you and your guests. A backdrop of palms, olive trees, and lush greenery creates a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. A wedding in the lap of nature is a marvelous experience for tender and romantic couples.

      The French Riviera always lives up to your expectations if you, of course, expect fabulous wedding photos. Nice, St. Tropez, Cannes, Monaco, each of these places boast a unique vibe and delightful beauty. They are a godsend for brides and grooms hunting down magnificent views. Once you’re in this fairytale, you simply cannot forget a second of it. Let me, your French Riviera wedding photographer, capture every moment of your journey. Your pure love is worth celebrating in the best place on earth and I’ll be here right beside you to help your memories last.

      Make Your Memories Last a Lifetime

      Every detail, every moment of your wedding should be perfect. If you chose the French Riviera as your venue, it’s already half the battle. However, no wedding will be complete without professional photography. Wouldn’t it be great to leaf through the pictures afterward and bring back vivid emotions? They will draw animated pictures in your head of how you held hands at a wedding ceremony or how you partied the night away. They will reawaken the feelings of joy and delight that found dwelling in your hearts. Even 20, 30, 50 years later, wedding photos will help you relive your big day over and over again.

      Vibrant and elegant photographs are the illustrations for the story of how your family has been born. You surely are its main characters but your wedding has many guest stars. You may overlook how your parents get moved when you said your wedding vows or how bridesmaids become emotional when you were pronounced husband and wife. All of these details are important because they make your memories voluminous and vivid. My camera captures everything that might elude your attention because you’re worth having a full picture of your family’s very first day.

      French Riviera Wedding Photographer for Your Momentous Day

      Wedding photography is my calling, my passion, and my religion. I met dozens of happy couples and each of them was unique in their own way. They have a story to tell and feelings to show, and I am here to immortalize them in photographs. You probably, too, want to have a detailed chronicle of the most important event in your life? Then, I will tirelessly follow you like a shadow to make an honest coverage of your love story.

      I have been taking pictures since I was a child. When I realized that photography was something I wanted to devote my life to, I obtained a Louis Lumière degree in Paris and began my exciting journey to become the best French Riviera wedding photographer. I always try to bring an element of surprise that makes a difference. Whether it is light that turns photographs into artistic masterpieces or unique angles, photographs my camera captures are everything but boring. They are candid, sensual, lively, and flavored with humor.

      I’m tirelessly looking for new creative ways to take mesmerizing and captivating pictures. If they bring a smile on your face, touch the strings of your soul, and you want to admire them again and again, then my mission is accomplished. After finding a place of honor in your scrapbook of life, these photographs will inevitably become your family relics. They are your heritage to pass on to future generations.

      Do you also want your wedding photos to exude warmth, dynamism, and romantic quality? Then don’t hesitate, contact me now and let’s create lasting memories together.