Saint-Tropez Wedding Photographer

      Being a St. Tropez wedding photographer involves a lot more than just taking photographs. When you’re surrounded by such a dainty, subtle and gorgeous natural light you have to be able to work in into your photographs and not the other way around, as I’ve seen far too many laymen St. Tropez wedding photographers trying to do. St. Tropez is the perfect place if you’re thinking of eloping. Some of the best wedding pictures I’ve taken there have been just that. Why? Because with such quaint little towns and streets the whole landscape oozes that you are the only two people there and that nothing matters but you.

      With that being said, nothing should matter but you! It’s your day… no it’s the beginning of the rest of your life that you’re giving me the responsibility of capturing. As you say your vows, I vow not to interfere. I’ll be as silent as a mouse capturing the beauty that radiates all around on days like this. I want to you to look back on these wedding photos and be instantly transported to the small little towns and wide fields of green. I want the pastel pinks and sherbet yellow hues to re-enter your vision and help you to relive each step and each moment of that day, forever.

      Every wedding morning is somewhat of a nightmare for the bride, I’ve never in all my time seen different. But I promise you that the moment you take the first steps towards the new you as you walk down that aisle, everything will change, the world will fall into place and the room will be silent. So, silent, you won’t stop to hear me capturing every second of it in the distance. For you to trust me with such a large task ensures that I will never cease to stop working on that day for you, to get you exactly what you deserve.

      If discreet little streets with a sure foreign vibe is what you’re after on your wedding day then just know that St. Tropez is the place for you. If you want the feel of a Monte Carlo wedding with a lot more greenery then look no further and make this your destination so that together, we can work to create wonders.