Black and White wedding reportage

      The black and white reportage, a place in the world of wedding photographer

      The black and white wedding reportage is an aesthetic bias leaving much room for creativity and artistic expression. The black and white reportage is the blueprint. The eye color rid suddenly become a source of unnecessary distraction, can focus on what remains to be seen, that is, essentially, the sharpness of a contour, the intensity of a black, silky veil of the image. The black and white reportage isolated from reality color made to take the one who accepts the principle in an elsewhere where new sensations and emotions can be expressed. The black and white wedding photo acts as the unexpected revealing the hidden meaning of things and people and offers a new interpretation of the world, more beautiful, more perfect, freed from the constraints of time.

      Released color who heckle his eye and scatter his attention, the viewer can focus on the essentials paying about the central place that it should never have left. The photograph in black and white is flattering. Light and contrast propose a rereading of the visual scenario by acting together as a caring projector skillfully headed about it to sublimate. The black and white wedding reportage can continue and the eye is caught up in the beauty of a black to the infinite depth or stroking the silky enveloping a cliché to shaded gray. Aspects of wedding photographer composition turn out the light. Graphics, lines and forms play together a single partition that delivers refined image of another reality that can reproduce any color so beautiful she is.

      Considered essential because our eye is formed with it, the color often is not. It becomes even embarrassing when technical difficulties appear as the “digital noise” (random colors tasks) makes the unsightly image. The use of black and white then justified because it helps give the illusion of the “grain” to own silver images and the fault is thus transformed into detail bringing more soul to the photo. The black and white wedding reportage also allows themselves from reality by permitting, when the digital development, a free interpretation on the scene where the creativity of the wedding photographer can be fully expressed. The black and white reportage is not just a simple narrative without color, but it is another transcription of the world in itself.

      The black and white reportage is a beautiful inner journey. I offer to be your guide in this particular journey, will you agree to follow me?

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